What if I do not want to buy a kit?

You are allowed to join our Discord for our Countdown to WeekZero Events but unfortunately cannot join the main Week when WeekZero will be held, If you want howerever you Purchase a Kit anytime! 

What happens if I’m not able to attend some events?

We urge everyone to attend all of our events, however, we understand that our students may may not be able to attend all events and are welcom to join us in-person or online if they choose to do so, and thats fine! You can also join our virtual events if possible!

Will I be missing any events during the York Academic Orientation or when I start classes?

No! We have planned around those days so you can attend all your classes and Academic Orientations without missing out on awesome Week Zero activities.

When is the last day I can buy a kit for WeekZero?

Buy your kit as soon as possible as the number of tickets are limited! An extremely limited number of kits will be available during orientation week!

Can I only Attend Virtual Events?

Why yes u can purchase a kit that can only be used for virtual events!

How is WeekZero going to be held?

We are Planning for a Hybrid Frosh this year, so you can either purchase our full kit to attend our in-person events or if you choose to only attend our virtual events we have a kit for that too!

What are the Safety Procedures for COVID-19?

We will be running events with reduced capacity and following all guidlines as presented by the Province of Ontario, City of Toronto and York University. This includes wearing masks, physical distancing and routine sanitization.

Do i need to be vaccinated?

For the incoming Fall semester, York University will be requiring all people entering campus to be vaccinated for COVID-19. We encourage all individuals to speak to a healthcare provider about the risks of COVID-19 if they have not yet been vaccinated. We will provide updated information as guidlines are released.