What’s in

my Kit?

Your WEEKZERO kit gives you an all access pass to events throughout the week, and we’ve got lots planned! You’ll also get a #weekzero sling bag containing your team t-shirt, sunglasses, bandana, water bottle, club swag, and more!

Kit purchases open on July 11th!

We have one (1) kit options this year. The kit includes your all access passes to WeekZero 2019, and your sling bag full of Lassonde swag. Additionally, you will get full access to workshops throughout the week where you can learn cool new skills like design thinking or how to build a drone. As well, youwill recieve as a ticket to our annual Lassonde Formal (held to close out the week!)


Kit contains:

  • WeekZero 2019 pass
  • WeekZero branded sling bag
  • WeekZero 2019 t-shirt
  • Lassonde swag
  • Workshops
  • Ticket for our Lassonde Formal
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