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What if I do not want to buy my kit online?

We highly recommend you buy your kit early as we have a limited quantity. However, if for any reason cannot buy your kit online, we will have on-site kit sales closer to the time of the event. Stay tuned as we will annouce that on our social channels + update the website.

What if my daily commute is hindering me from attending Week Zero?

York is known as a commuter school, many students commute a upwards of an hour to attend. We understand Week Zero consists of long days and not all students will be willing to make that trip, so to accomodate all atendees who have a long daily commute, we offer Commuter Rooms.

What are Commuter Rooms?

Commuter Rooms are a place for Week Zero attendees to sleep over for the night, as some of hour events can run as late as 1AM and start as early as 10AM. Stay tuned for the official Week Zero 2018 schedule, which will have more info!

What happens if I'm not able to attend some events?

We urge everyone to attend all of our events, however, we understand that our students may have prior commitments and may not be able to attend all events, and that's fine!

Will I be missing any events during the York Academic Orientation or when I start classes?

No! We have planned around those days so you can attend all your classes and Academic Orientations without missing out on awesome Week Zero activities.

When is the last day I can buy my Week Zero kit?

Kits are available on a first come, first serve basis and we do have a limited quantity, but the last day that kits will be sold is September 1st, 2018.

What if I can't come for Kit Pickup (the first day)?

Kit Pickup is the very first event on the Week Zero calendar and is when attendees will come and check in to Week Zero! If, for any reason, you're unable to make it for the first day, let us know by emailing us at, or come and find a leader or captain (wearing bright baseball jerseys that say "leader" or "captain") in the Bergeron Centre and let them know you're checking in late!